Reinoud Oudshoorn



Joods Historisch MuseumAmsterdam, 1990


Nederlands Psychoanalytisch InstituutAmsterdam, 1995


Olympisch KwartierAmsterdam, 2000-2008

Reinoud Oudshoorn was commissioned by the Amsterdam Foundation for the Arts to create a work for a new residential neighbourhood, with 900 new homes designed by Rudi Uytenhaak, Lafour & Wijk and Mulleners & Mulleners architecture studios.

For Oudshoorn, an important principle was that each resident would have a sculpture of their own. To achieve this, he designed three-dimensional apartment numbers in outsized format, cast in aluminium. The numbers are the most individual references to the people who live in the respective apartments, and they are hung at eye level, so they can be touched. As every apartment has a separate address, each resident has his or her own sculpture, in the form of number on the facade. The result is a long series of numbers that hang vertically on the fa├žade of the building, like huge, shining drops of rain. Each cipher measures 16.5cm x11cm x5.5cm. There are about 2000 ciphers in all.

The project was commissioned in early 2008 and completed at the end of the same year. The new “Olympian Quarter” neighbourhood is located adjacent the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium.